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-Our work was recognized as a model engagement project by Michelle Obama’s

-Our anthems have been featured on PBS’ Blackademics TV and screened at the Good Job, Green Jobs Conference, the National Race and Amity Conference, as well as the University of Texas at Austin, and Boston University. 

-Our recent campaign "We Run This NB" featuring America's Got Talent's Samantha Johnson garnered high engagement. We worked with 300 New Bedford youth to produce it and the video has more than 125,000 total views and 3,000 social shares.

-The Anthem for the National Park Service, an integral part of their 100 Year Anniversary “Find Your Park” campaign, has gained more than 40K total views and 900 social shares.  Watch the "Centennial" Anthem below.

The Opportunity:

Disadvantaged young people face huge challenges.  Among others, 1.1 million dropouts cost our nation $350 Billion annually. Many have poor diets, and are at high risk for Diabetes. Kids are not reading brochures at their local YMCA. PSA’s are mostly inauthentic and don’t speak to our children. Meanwhile, youth are always on their phones and tablets listening to music and watching videos. We need to reach them where they’re already at. Big Picture Anthems harnesses these trends and leverages social media to bring our inspiring media productions straight to the eyes and ears of the youth.

Customizable Options:

-Create a custom audio visual experience tailored to a specific communications goal.

-Our artists have more than a decade of experience using this model and can effectively translate your message through unique and organic music and video.

-We can involve your organization’s youth in the development of an Anthem. During this process, our mentor artists coach young people to write and record music. This starts with visioning sessions, topic education, and writing workshops where we facilitate authentic on-message song creation. We then help youth record a professional-sounding product. Once the music is completed, we move on to a collective video brainstorming, scripting, and storyboarding process. We then activate all participants in the video shooting process. Some youth enjoy being on camera, some like behind the scenes. We accommodate everyone, and facilitate an unforgettable shooting process that leads to a high quality final product.

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